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Mod post "MUST READ"

comment in this post if you got any questions or READ my Q & A's below! if none of this answers your question then leave it in a comment!


Q.the layout's don't look right on my computer!
A.its either cause your computer screen is bigger then mine or smaller, i make looks for 800x600 computer screens. or if it's something else, then explain!.

Q.can i get posting access?, only MODS and LAYOUT MAKERS get posting rights. sorry

Q.can you log on my journal and add the layout? again, sorry, it is against lj T.O.S and i try my best to explain on the wordpad on how to install it, so read it please, if you got more questions, then leave them in this post, nowhere else!.

Q.what do i get in the package? get a background, header, a friends only banner, a icon or 2 and a must read notepad plus the layout coding and whatever else i add. i make requests?
A.yes, if i or one of the other layout makers say they'll take custom requests. but you can leave Suggestions in the Suggestions/ideas post.

Q.can i be a layout maker/helper?
A.yes, if you are good with coding and graphic making. then leave me a comment in one of my post letting me know, i won't bitch cause i need all the help that comes lol, just be active.

Q.i can't see none of your entries!
A.its cause lj sucks and that happens alot when a community or journal is friend's only, so just log out and back on and if that doesn't work then add this community to your friends list or filter! and come back later on. do i make a friends filter?
A.thats easy go here and read the Faq lj made. if you still don't know then let me know. do i give credit?
A.use one of our banners on your info page/profile.

Q.i found someone stealing!
A.then let me know in a comment with the person's name and i'll add them to "THE WALL OF SHAME!" :D

Q.i'm not good at layout coding or graphics, but i wanna help how?!
A.well you can either look for people that aren't giving credit or gather links to good sites with pictures of celebs and bands :D. and other good things that'll help us improve our skills.

Q.who are you?
A.i'm benny, 24/male single and emotionally unstable. hahahahah don't worry i won't kill ya ;) YET

Q.can you help me with my current layout? i'm not here to help on already use and messed up coding. go ask the person that first made it for you. sorry i just don't like working on premade stuff. including icons or graphics. or working on old stuff i made, i got this little problem that once i post stuff on the net, its out of my hand and people can do whatever they please with it.

Q.i'm a GJ user as well, can i use your layouts over there?
A.yes, just use the banners from this community over there. if you wanna use one of my GJ styles then i'll provide you the style # for it.

Q.i wanna be added! please add me!.
A.this is an open community, just go to to the profile and click on the join link or click here to join.

Q.why is it that some of my entries are bigger then the rest? could either be that you have big/huge pictures in those entries and you didn't use a lj cut. click here to learn how to use a lj cut.







more to come
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