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Welcome to bitching icons :)'s Journal
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Thursday, September 9th, 2004
7:17 pm
Suggestions & Ideas!
Leave your Suggestions here or ideas for like layouts sets. also leave links to sites with links for i can add to this post. we'll need all the best picture sites.

also it would be nice if i know what color themes would match with layouts. leave color codes as well.

also quotes/text/lyrics would be nice too...i'll gather my links and add them here as well. i don't have many cause i can't find good sites well i alway look for stuff i liked lol...


if you wanna help out in anyway let me know. "i'll sometime post layouts i made or styles but that don't mean that i'll be taking requests for them"

1.layout making overrides & styles.
3.searching for pictures.
4.creative team "meaning people that can come up with fun cool layout ideas"
5.looking out for thieves.
7.psp 7 brushes. "swirlies, checkers boxes, grunges, stars"

people that take time to come and help out with the community and graphic creations gets personal custom requests.

don't leave comments here asking questions, go to the post below.
7:07 pm
Mod post "MUST READ"
comment in this post if you got any questions or READ my Q & A's below! if none of this answers your question then leave it in a comment!

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